Our goal is to recognize our clients’ needs and provide adequate guidance and counsel in a prompt, cost-efficient manner. We believe in personalized attorney-client interaction and relationship, both of which are often lacking in today’s fast-paced, sometimes depersonalized society.  We prefer a one-on-one interaction and straight talk with our clients. Our attorneys are dedicated members of the legal community with the highest regards for an ethical practice and professional excellence.

Our office is located in the American Airlines Building, Suite 100, at 1509 López Landrón Street in the entrance to Condado through the De Diego Avenue and a short walk from the Puerto Rico Museum of Art and Puerto Rico’s main government center in Minillas. RPP Law, P.S.C., provides a wide array of legal services:

Areas of Practice

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation, specializing in litigation involving Torts and Damages, Injunctive Relief and Impoundment.
    • Courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
    • US District Court for the District of Puerto Rico
    • US Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit
    • US Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia
    • United States Supreme Court
  • General Corporate and Contract Law
  • Telecommunications and Cable Television Law
  • Health Care Management Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Public Sector and Policy Advocacy
    • Monitoring and Tracking Legislative and Regulatory Activity
    • Drafting of Testimony and Position Papers to be submitted to Legislative Committees or Administrative Agencies
    • Analyzing and Drafting Legislative Proposals and Regulations
    • Advice Regarding Political Strategy and Lobbying in a Broad Variety of Legislative, Administrative and Regulatory Matters
  • Notary Law
    • Deeds of Sale, Public Deeds, Cancellations of Liens, Power of Attorneys, Affidavits, Protocolization of Foreign Documents, Apostille, and other general public documents.